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  • 250,000 BTU
  • Stove Size: 78L x 45W x 85H
  • Heating Area: Up to 6,000 sqft
  • Weight: 2370 lbs
  • Water Jacket: 250 gal
  • Water Jacket Thickness – 3/16″ Steel
  • Fire Box Dimensions – 40L x 28W x 30H
  • Fire Box Thickness – 1/4″ Steel
  • Insulation – Fiberglass R-19 w/ Foil Foam, Double Insulated All The Way Around


How does the GT6000 work?

The new EPA Phase II Qualified GT-6000 Downdraft Gasification Wood Boiler is a 2-stage outdoor wood burning furnace that has a jet-engine inspired secondary burn chamber designed to heat the stage 1 burning wood exhaust to temperatures so high that unburned fuel left in the stage 1 exhaust is ignited for a 2nd stage of burning.

Special firebrick lines the firebox and the unique secondary burn chamber, the heart of the GT-220, making it a true smokeless burning gasification downdraft unit. The large amount of firebrick used in the GT-6000 is unique to Nature’s Comfort’s design and makes for a tremendous “flywheel” effect and greater efficiency.

The stage 1 exhaust from the burning wood in the firebox travels down through to the secondary burn chamber (gasification chamber). The exhaust is then ‘turbo boosted’ by super-heated forced air. This air boosts the combustion for the stage 2 burn, supplying oxygen to the fire which increases the heat and burn efficiency.

The firebrick reaches a ‘hyper-heated’ condition, causing the fire to burn even hotter. This is where gasification occurs. While wood normally burns at 800-1200F, the temperatures inside the gasification chamber can reach over 2600F. The stage 2 exhaust is then forced to travel in a spinning motion through refractory channels. This circulation helps the refractory to evenly transfer the heat to the steel, then to the water. When researching competitor’s units, check to see if they utilize this technology.

Not wasting any heat, the stage 2 exhaust is then sent up through 2 sets of six pipes with butterfly diverters to again spin the hot exhaust gases. The heat exchanger pipes are surrounded by a flow of water from the circulating pump. This pulls even more heat into the water finishing the burning & heating process to make the GT Series the most efficient, reliable & cost effective gasification outdoor wood boiler you can find!