HeatMaster SS C Series
The answer for efficient coal heating

A new design for coal burning only, the C Series provides quality workmanship and materials with a design built for performance and efficiency. They work with almost any existing heating system and follow the HeatMasterss standard for quality. Although they are very cost-effective, no shortcuts in quality were made in the production of these units.

Features include:

High Efficiency
Although the grated design creates a very high firebox temperature, the triple heat exchange pass flue dumps this heat into the water jacket before the exhaust exits the furnace. This reduces fuel consumption by 20-30% and eliminates spark or flame from the chimney. This baffle system was also designed to minimize ash buildup, saving you time and effort.

Rocker Grates and Ash Pan
Our often imitated, never duplicated, easy-to-use design makes cleaning quick and simple.

Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind every furnace we sell with a Lifetime Limited Workmanship and Corrosion Warranty.

Large Round Firebox
Our round fire box design allows for more efficient heat transfer, extra strength and fewer welds.

Designed for Coal
The C Series furnaces uses a bottom air design that that is ideal for the burning of coal. The deep firebox of the C Series also works particularly well for coal burning.

Additional Features:

  • Safe easy-to-use dual firebox door latch – Our carefully designed latch catches the door so it doesn’t swing completely open and expose the user to excessive heat.
  • Heavy duty double wall insulation
  • Easy access hinged rear door
  • Powder coat finish
  • CSA/UL certified

C150 – Contact Don For Pricing

Small but mighty, the C150 incorporates all the workmanship and quality of a Heatmasterss furnace in a compact package while still heating a comfortably sized building.


Firebox (W” x L” x H”)24 x 28 x 32
Firebox Door (W” x H”)16 x 18
Water Capacity (US Gallons)60
Approximate BTUs150,000
Dimensions (W” x L” x H”)36 x 52 x 72
Approx. Heating Space2,700 sq. ft. (well insulated house)

C250 – Contact Don For Pricing

The C250 has that bit of extra capacity for larger homes or out buildings coupled with all the design, efficiency and quality that Heatmasterss customers have come to expect.


Firebox (W” x L” x H”)31 x 34 x 38
Firebox Door (W” x H”)20 x 20
Water Capacity (US Gallons)125
Approximate BTUs250,000
Dimensions (W” x L” x H”)49 x 56 x 80
Approx. Heating Space5,000 sq. ft. (well insulated house)

C375 – Contact Don For Pricing

Our C375 furnace is a comfortable fit for adding a shop or shed with it’s 7,000 square foot heating capacity. A very flexible solution.


Firebox (W” x L” x H”)34 x 46 x 40
Firebox Door (W” x H”)24 x 24
Water Capacity (US Gallons)180
Approximate BTUs375,000
Dimensions (W” x L” x H”)49 x 70 x 88
Approx. Heating Space7,000 sq. ft. (well insulated house)

C500 – Contact Don For Pricing

The large capacity of the C500 makes it ideal for heavy duty heating. Make the most of your coal supply with this powerful unit.


Firebox (W” x L” x H”)34 x 56 x 42
Firebox Door (W” x H”)24 x 24
Water Capacity (US Gallons)230
Approximate BTUs500,000
Dimensions (W” x L” x H”)50 x 82 x 90
Approx. Heating Space10,000 sq. ft. (well insulated house)

C800 – Contact Don For Pricing

The largest unit we make is ready for anything. Four sets of feeds on the back make it a natural to heat multiple structures with ease.


Firebox (W” x L” x H”)52 x 60 x 52
Firebox Door (W” x H”)42 x 30
Water Capacity (US Gallons)555
Approximate BTUs800,000
Dimensions (W” x L” x H”)82 x 98 x 100
Approx. Heating Space20,000 sq. ft. (well insulated house)